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Cricket Administrator Of The Year

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Year: 2009
Awarded to: Brian Guilder

Brian plays for Poppyfields CC, who last year changed their name to support the charity that Brian and his wife Lisa started several years ago to raise money for Birmingham's Children's Hospital (over £100,000 to date).Since changing our name and raising further awareness of this Charity we have raised a further £400 this year alone just from teams that we have played. Please visit the website for more details-

The club started in 1994 in the name of Blackmores. In 2004/5 changed its name to UK Transplant, then last season to Poppyfields. Brian has played for the club for five years having previously played for Tamworth CC. His brother Tony (who captains the team) is a founder member of the club. Brian was batsman of the year in 2008

The club have a great togetherness and participate with many social activities, for instance the last 4 years 25 players and family holidayed abroad during 'Whit' week.

The club are nomads having many longstanding fixtures. We have a great relationship with many clubs and play the game in the spirit it which it is meant to be played in.

Many of the opposition say that they look forward to playing Poppyfields more than any other fixture because we make it an occasion. Through all their difficulties Brian and Lisa and their daughter Poppy have found time to relax and friends (generally between 10-15 spectators for most matches).

Please visit the website and you will see how much effort they put in to fund raising and how deserving of this Conference Award.