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Cricket Administrator Of The Year

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Year: 2009
Awarded to: Michael Killeen

When it comes to dedication, there are precious few individuals who can match the service that Michael J. “Mickey” Killeen has given to Entaco Cricket Club.

Mickey became a member of Entaco in the mid 1970’s when he was a mere slip of a lad and the cost of a cricket tea was a credit crunching 12 new pence! A tall pacey bowler with a distinctive slip half way through his run up, he soon became a valuable addition to the club he would serve for the next 35 years.

With a combination of seem and swing deliveries, Mickey was trusted with the new ball by various captains whom he rarely disappointed over 3 decades. Although his pace may have dropped in recent years, he is to this day a bowler to be reckoned with and provides valuable guidance to many of the young bowlers. Sadly many of the statistics which cover Mickey’s finest years no longer exist but there are hundreds of batsmen who cam attest to his accuracy as they have trudged back to the pavilion.

Although, not a natural, Mickey worked hard on his batting and could genuinely be used anywhere in the order. Perhaps his greatest performance came against Mickleton C.C. in the late 1990’s, with Entaco floundering at 46 for 8; Mickey strode out to the crease with 150 required for victory. With a mixture of solid defence and swashbuckling attack, Mickey played an immaculate innings and saw the victory home with the winning shot in the last over

However, it is for his off field performance that Entaco owes Mickey the greatest debt. In 1978 he volunteered to take on the role as our treasurer, an office which he has held unbroken for over 30 years. Mickey has always been highly dependable, treating the club’s finances as if they were his own and producing detailed annual reports for our AGM. His prudence over the years has always kept Entaco in a firm financial position, which we have enjouyed during difficult times.

As Mickey’s playing career has tapered over the last few years, he has taken up the position of umpire for our league fixtures. Home and away, in all conditions, Mickey stood in the middle for 100 overs every Saturday to make unbiased decisions and uphold fair play. He has earned the thanks and respect of both Entaco members and our opponents for this unflinching service.

Mickey has also spent countless hours working to improve our pitch. Whether it be rolling, mowing or marking out the wicket, Mickey commits whatever spare time ha has to ensure that the surface is always well prepared. He will also take time to offer advice to opposition groundsmen from his decades of experience out in the middle.

During the summer when he is not playing or working on behalf of Entaco, Mickey can often be found enjoying an afternoon’s play at Worcester whilst sampling a well earned pint of the cold stuff.

Every cricket club needs a Mickey and Entaco C.C. is delighted to pay tribute to the service he has given our club during the last 35 years. We hope his hard work will continue for many years to come.