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Cricket Administrator Of The Year

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Year: 2011
Awarded to: Darrell Belfield


Darrell was a self-employed builder when I first met him, we were both helping out a local cricket club, I was doing a bit of painting, and he asked for a hand in laying a drain, but it was not until he joined Shirley CC that I got to know him and found him to be without doubt the most laid back bloke in the club, he is almost Horizontal!


Like most of our members he came along with a view to just play and enjoy the game but like many before and after him he was quickly encouraged to do a job, which he did (eventually) and soon became the vital part of the club that he remains today, respected both for his on and off field activities.


Darrell’s first role was to skipper the side as the club took on the league cricket format for the first time (previously our games were all friendlies) and in his first season he showed his League cricket experience by taking the side to its first trophy win.


His contribution as a cricketer both with bat and ball is considerable, he is a very mean medium paced bowler who can tie one end down indefinitely a technique that brings him many wickets, he is also a mid-order bat with the ability to both press on or tighten up depending what the situation in the match may be and he has saved/won many games considered lost before his intervention.


He is particularly fond of batting so much so that on one cricket tour upon being told he was opening the batting next day, he slept all night with his pads, cap, box and gloves on. (I should point out that his brother-in- law did the foul deed and Dal was not aware until he fell out of bed on his way to breakfast the next morning)


Darrell’s Family, are your typical sports barmy lot, his Father was a player and secretary of Triplex Safety Glass CC in 1974, in the works andbusiness houses league, a club Darrell and his brothers played for; (I have played in this league when younger and found the top divisions to be on a par with the B’Ham League, enjoying some of the best cricket fields and facilities in the midlands).


Then came his attachment to Bournville CC a club he played for on  Saturdays, but wishing to play Sunday cricket he was introduced by his brother- in -Law to SRBL CC (as it was) where he quickly settled in and enjoying the company, threw in his lot and played for us on both Days. 


Darrell was quite an all-rounder; he played his football for Triplex on Saturdays and the local pub king’s head (the knob) on Sundays, he is also an accomplished snooker player but the indoor game he excelled at was table tennis a game in which he represented the county in1986.


He is a badged coach who can often be found in the evening on our home ground in Streetsbrook Road (Moseley scorers 2) coaching the youngsters, and as if that’s not enough he can still be found once a week knocking seven bells out of a small blue squash ball.