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Cricket Administrator Of The Year

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Year: 2011
Awarded to: John Branch


John has been associated with Enville for nearly 40 years, starting life with the Football Club where he served as the Treasurer for many years and also one of their representatives on the executive committee that governed the general running of the parent body.  In his early 40’s with his footballing days over John still wanted to be involved in sport at Enville so he applied to join the Cricket Club which at that time was at a low ebb and in need of members who were prepared to do more than just play.


Although running a successful youth policy the club was losing youngsters as there were only 2 Saturday teams.  In 1999 the Club made the decision to run a third team, John, with limited experience accepted the position of 3rd X1 Captain which in his words was a team of Lads and Dads but it achieved its objective of providing cricket for a lot of developing youngsters.


After 4 years as Captain of the 3rd team there was a more urgent job, that of Vice Captain of the 2nd X1  providing valuable support on and off the field to a new Captain.


When the Chairman retired in 2004 the Club turned to John, although not a person to seek attention he accepted the post and also that of the Club Delegate to the Worcestershire County League.   As Chairman he is not just a figurehead but has worked tirelessly for the Club, has acquired much needed sponsorship through Business contacts and he is a most dependable person.


In 2008 he volunteered for the job of Ground Coordinator.   In 2009 the Groundsman became ill and was unable to continue, John stepped into the breach and is still fulfilling that position today. In order to carry out the requirements of ground duty John attended Groundsman’s courses achieving the necessary qualifications. The job of Groundsman is very time consuming and this John does even though he has a day job, his commitment is tremendous as he prepares pitches for over 60 youth fixtures and 51 senior games.


Available every week for selection John is happy to help out whichever team requires his services, this year at the age of 55 he scored his first century for the 3rd X1, he is a major supporter of all the fundraising activities and he contributes, behind the scenes, endless time and energy to the Club