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Cricket Administrator Of The Year

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Year: 2011
Awarded to: Mike Turner


Mike has never been a player but excels as a Scorer and Statistician. He has gone to great lengths to educate the younger players in the art of scoring and produced a very useful written guide. However, it is his work over the last 21 Years as Club Statistician that is breath-taking. Throughout the Season you can rely on him to contact all our captains every Monday morning to clarify match details. He is site manager for our Club Website and has spent hundreds of hours transferring the stats from every game since 1997 to the site. He spends every October and November painstakingly poring over every detail in the scorebook, re-constructing the innings and often phoning a player to congratulate him on a 49 becoming a 50 or commiserating a Player on a 50 becoming a 49! His ends of Season summaries are always enriched by a strong narrative rather than the bare facts. It is fortunate that Mike is still comparatively young (he’s 40 ish) as he is irreplaceable.