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Mike Jackson Award

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Year: 2011
Awarded to: David R Thomas


David Thomas’s contribution to the Midlands Club Cricket Conference has been immeasurable. David stepped up to be Hon. Secretary for Conference at a time when there had been a couple of changes in quick succession and he helped to steady and cement together all departments, ensuring all communications were dealt with efficiently and reached the right parties. When you consider the vast changes in communication over his 16 Years in the hot seat, he embraced these head on, in what has become a new digital age and has without doubt, helped Conference move forward.


David’s many roles within Conference are detailed below:


1986 - 2007     Invited to join the General Purposes Committee

1986 - 1998     Organiser of the Ground Courses that were run by the MCCC.  The courses continued until 1998 when the County Boards commenced running their own courses.

1989 – 1992    Member of the General Committee

1992 – 2007    Honorary Secretary

1992 – 2007    Secretary of the Main Committee

1992 – 2007    Secretary of the Executive Committee

1992 – 1994    Secretary of the Golden Oldies Cricket Festival organised by the MCCC

1995 – 2007    Chairman and Secretary General Purposes Committee – this also included the selling of advertising space in the Conference Yearbook which at its peak helped to secure around £2,000 per year to offset against the cost of the publication


The considerable amount of work undertaken and dedication David has given to Conference has also been done alongside his many duties at Enville CC. David has been a great Ambassador for Conference and Cricket in general. He has a vast cricket and sporting knowledge and Conference have been very fortunate to have had such a valuable asset. It is certainly fair to say that Conference is in a better place following David’s help and direction and it is therefore very fitting that his efforts are being rewarded with this well-deserved honour.