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Tiny Wildsmith Club Person

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Year: 2009
Awarded to: Stan Higgins

Stan joined the club in the 1940's as cricketing activities resumed after World War II. Right from the start he was involved with the running and administration of the club, becoming club secretary whilst still a teenager (long before teenagers had been invented!) He has been continuously involved since then, (with a short break to complete his national service). He retires this year from his current position as club Chairman, after an incredible 63 years as a club officer. (All voluntary unpaid work).

Even now, Stan spends a huge amount of time being involved with almost every aspect of the club, (ground development, fund raising, organizing social events speaking to local businesses regarding sponsorship, organizing equipment repairs, organizing and negotiating prices for the huge amount of maintenance work, which is necessary to keep the facilities in top condition.) Since Stan's efforts span an amazing 7 decades it is almost impossible to guess at the number of people who have benefitted from his work. He has been Chairman for the last 7 years and was Vice-Chairman for ca 25 years before that. In addition he has held most official positions within the club. During his time with the club, the club has grown from 2 to 4 Saturday teams. An extremely active junior section has developed, which in recent years has provided most of our senior players. The ground and facilities have been continuously improved. During the 1980's and 1990's the club hosted several Shropshire matches against first class county sides in the Nat West Trophy and C&G competitions. After winning the Shropshire Premier League in 2000 the club was promoted to the Birmingham Premier League, where the first two teams have since competed. All members would agree that none of these things would have been possible without Stan's continuous hard work behind the scenes.

In addition to his involvement with the cricket club, Stan has also been involved for many years with the umbrella organization to which the cricket club is affiliated - St Georges Sports & Social Club. This organization provides and manages the sports facilities for cricket, football, hockey and bowls.

The whole facility is possibly the finest of its kind in Shropshire and is run entirely by volunteers like Stan. No public money is used in the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. There are no council-provided facilities or open spaces for children to play safely for miles around, so the scope of people who benefit from Stan's efforts is far wider than the 800 or so members of the affiliated sports clubs. Stan has always encouraged youth participation in cricket and was instrumental in the club developing this area of its activities many years ago. He is without question the most important contributor to the club in its entire history.

Stan Higgins

Stan Higgins