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MCCC Constitution & Rules

( Adopted 15th April 1987. Amended 19th November 1987, 5th November 1999, and 22nd January 2008 )

1. Title
The Title shall be The Midlands Club Cricket Conference herein after referred to as The Conference.

2. Objects
To foster and maintain club cricket in the Midlands.

3. Activities
(a) Inter-communication between clubs.
(b) Maintenance of an upto-date register of club officials.
(c) The annual publication of a yearbook which will include details of all aspects of Conference activities and contributions from clubs and individuals.
(d) The provision of an insurance umbrella, which will provide cover for members.
(e) Active liaison with other cricketing bodies, in particular to encourage and aid growth of Cricket Association/ Boards.
(f) Leadership towards the correct conduct of cricket matches in terms of strict timing and observance of the laws and ethics of the game.
(g) Provision of advisory services on:
   (i) Ground Maintenance
   (ii) Loans and Grants to cricket clubs.
(h) Provision for a Fixture Bureau.
(j) Assistance in the arrangement of cricket tours.
(k) Provision of opportunities and facilities for young cricketers.
(m) The organization of Representative matches.
(n) The provision of cricket competition of an Inter-League basis.
(p) Maintenance of a high standard of umpiring.
(r) Provision of a system of awards for outstanding merit and outstanding service.
(s) The staging of an Annual Dinner.
(t) The operation of an emergency fund to assist clubs whose existence or continued well-being is threatened.
(v) The promotion and furtherance of close season activities.
(w) The introduction of any additional activities which may from time to time be deemed desirable by the Committee.

4. Committee
The Conference shall be governed by a committee comprising:
(a) The President and the Deputy President
(b) The Chairman and Vice-Chairman
(c) The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Hon Assistant Secretary, Honorary Team Secretary.
(d) The Chairman of permanent Sub-Committees determined from year to year and listed in the Yearbook. The above are officers the Conference.
(e) Twelve other members from member clubs.
(f) A delegate nominated by affiliated County Cricket Boards.
(g) A delegate nominated by the Midland Counties Cricket Umpires association.

The officers and committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for any office or the Committee shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary so as to be received by the Secretary not later than 21 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Such nominations must be made in writing by the Honorary secretary of the member club of which the nominee is a member. Any ballot which may be necessary shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting.

The committee shall be entitled to co-opt and will form sub-committees whose proposals shall be reported to the committee for ratification.

The President, Deputy President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary treasurer, are ex-officio members of all Committees and Sub-Committees.

5. Membership
There shall be two categories of Membership
(a) Full Membership available to all clubs playing cricket in the Midlands
(b) Affiliated Membership which shall be available to an Association, League or School or other cricketing body active in cricket in the Midlands.

6. Subscription
(a) The annual subscription for each category of membership shall be determined by the Committee and shall be due and payable on 31st May.
(b) If a club is two or more years in arrears with payment of their subscription they shall be deemed to have resigned from the MCCC.
(c) The final date for payment in the second year is 31st December.

7. Meetings
The committee shall arrange the following
(a) An Annual General Meeting before the end of January in each year
(b) An Extraordinary General Meeting at the request in writing of the Hon. Secretaries (for the time being on the Register) of any twenty full members. Notices of Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be sent to each member not later than 21 days prior to the date of such meetings.
(c) Such other meetings as they consider necessary.

8. Voting Rights
Full Members and officers shall have one vote. The Chairman of the Meeting shall have a casting Vote but no other person shall have more than one Vote.

9. Functions of the Committee
The Committee shall be the authority for the correct interpretation and enforcement of Rules and shall have full jurisdiction over all matters not provided by these Rules.

10. Election to Membership
Election to membership shall be subject to the approval of the Committee at its next Meeting after the application has been received. The Committee shall have the power to refuse any application for membership and is not bound to give any reason. The Committee shall have the power to order any Member to withdraw from Membership within seven days of an official notice from the Hon. Secretary, or failing compliance therewith, to remove said resignation before 1st October in any year, shall be liable for the following years subscription.

11. Report and Audit
An annual report and audited accounts shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.

12. Yearbook
Two copies of the yearbook shall be issued free of charge to each full member and one Yearbook issued free of charge to each affiliated member.

13. Rules
These rules may be revised only at any Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. The proposed revision of the Rules, when approved by the committee, shall be circulated to all Members at least 21 days before the date of such Meeting. A two-thirds majority of those present and voting shall be necessary to carry the proposals.

14. Names and addresses of New Club Secretaries
A newly appointed Secretary of a club shall forward to the Hon. Secretary of the Conference immediately after such an appointment, his name and address for proper correction of the Official Register of Hon. Secretaries.

15. Laws of Cricket
The Laws of Cricket as framed by M.C.C only are recognized by the Conference and must be observed by all Members.

16. Auditors
Auditors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

17. Insurance
Insurance premiums shall be payable with a Member subscription.