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Worcestershire U19

Fixture Date: 30/05/2016
Ground: Stourbridge CC
Start: 11.00 am

Innings of Worcestershire U19
A Wiffen st Jones b Hawkins 111
J Johal c Ashlam b Hawkins 52
C Brandrick  run out (Hawkins) 1
M Ahmed b Chisti 0
Z Smith lbw Chisti 0
J Kinder c Karvelas b Hawkins 22
S Ahmed b Chisti 6
J Hammond not out 23
M Shazad c Moseley b Chisti 22
Z Hassan run out (Hawkins) 0
A Finch c Williams b Hawkins 0
Extras ( 16w 3lb 1b ) 20
MCCC Bowling
  O M R W
J Bulpitt 5 0 32 0
A Karvelas 5 0 38 0
J Harris 10 1 45 0
I Allen 10 0 49 0
G Hawkins 10 1 57 4
L Chisti 9 0 32 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
175 178 178 179 191 203 211 246 257 257
Innings of  MCCC
A Jones+ c Wiffen b Finch 20
G Hawkins C Brandrick b Shazad 74
C Moseley b Hassan 8
H Flower c Wiffen b Johal 70
H Williams run out (Brandrick) 1
I Allen b Johal 2
L Chisti* c Fitzsimmons b Kinder 0
A Karvelas B Kinder 10
J Bulpitt c Smith b Johal 17
J Harris run out 0
D Tune not out 0
Extras ( 1nb 14w 1lb  ) 16
Worcestershire U19 Bowling
  O M R W
J Hammond 3 0 25 0
A Finch 4 0 33 1
Z Hassan 5 0 19 1
Z Smith 8 0 50 0
M Shazad 9 0 51 2
J Johal 8 2 23 2
J Kinder 4 0 18 2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
45 56 164 173 176 192 192 192 214 220

Worcestershire u19 won by 37 runs

Team Manager: Howard Clay
Umpires: Bill Tansell, David Gower
Scorers: Dave Fisher, Lesley Forrest

Match Report

With the weather forecast correct, an excellent full day of cricket was enjoyed at Stourbridge CC’s ground. The ground has been transformed over the last few years and now provides both an excellent playing surface and outfield. The hard work behind the scenes is a credit to the current club members who have raised the standard.

The make up of both teams had been changed during the previous 24 hours so there was some uncertainty over the balance of the sides and posed both captains some problems of how to best use their resources.

Worcestershire won the toss and decided to bat. For the first passage of play A.Wiffen and J.Johal comfortably dealt with the bowling and with some excellent shots and running between the wickets,they steadily built a solid platform for the prospect of a very large score to be run up. It was no surprise then that the opening partnership went into three figures and despite rotating the bowling neither batsman looked in trouble. However the scoring rate was then contained with a good spell of bowling initially from I.Allen and then the spinners who took the pace off the ball. G.Hawkins  got the breakthrough when Johal played a loose shot and was caught. Captain L.Chisti then came on and wickets started to fall to the slow bowlers. A stand out innings of 111 by A.Wiffen was  brought to an end when he was stumped. Late order hitting by J.Hammond and M.Shazad took the score through to what the coach David Banks thought was an adequate total but a bit disappointing with the way the pitch was playing and the speed of the outfield. G.Hawkins and L.Chisti were the most effective bowlers with both taking 4 wickets a piece.


Conference’s started in much the same way as the first innings in that pace bowlers were played easily and good shots were rewarded with boundaries. A competent opening stand was brought to a close with a good catch. Indeed Worcestershire’s fielding and catching throughout the match was of a very high standard. G.Hawkins continued on from his good form with the ball by batting with confidence and with H.Fowler, were the two outstanding performers with the bat for Conference. At one stage Conference looked as if they may challenge the first innings total and set about the young bowlers with some hard hitting, but from what looked like a good position, some not very good shots along with a couple of really excellent catches, saw the innings quickly subside. J.Johal was the leading wicket taker.


As in the past couple of seasons,this match has seen some good talent on display and the Conference match is a real test for these up and coming players who could possibly break through to the professional ranks.

Thanks go again to Stourbridge CC for hosting the match and preparing a really good cricket pitch that ensured that the players had an opportunity to display their skills. 



Umpires: D.Gower, B.Tansell

Scorers: D.Fisher, L.Forrest

MCCC Manager: H.Clay