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Qatar International XI

Fixture Date: 13/09/2016
Ground: Penkridge CC
Start: 2.00 pm

Innings of MCCC
C Beker (Milford Hall ct Iqbal b Gayan 8
A Jones (Penkridge) c Rizlan b Iqbal 33
H Quami (Halesowen) c Rizlan b Faisal 52
A Chisti (Penkridge) c Iqbal b Faisal 48
A Roslyn (Sol. Municipal) b Faisal 1
L Chisti (Penkridge) c Iqbal b Zaheer 6
H Flowers (Milford Hall) c Rizlan b Gayan 51
J Turner (Himley) b Amir 41
J Bulpitt (Dunstall) b Gayan 3
R Brown (Himley) not out 0
J Harris (Aston Manor) st Rizlan b Amir 0
Extras ( 12w 1lb 3b ) 16
Qatar International XI Bowling
  O M R W
Parvez Khan 5 1 17 0
Gayan 9 1 45 3
Rizwan 1 0 20 0
Iqbal 9 0 41 1
Faisal 7 0 56 3
Zaheer 9 0 39 1
Oman 3 0 37 0
Amor 0 0 0 2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
15 94 107 111 132 199 215 259 259 259
Innings of  Qatar International XI
Zaheer c Jones b Bulpitt 8
Omar c Brown b Bulpitt 0
Amir not out 1
Rizlan+ not out 1
Iqbal did not bat 0
Faisal did not bat 0
Dharmang did not bat 0
Parvez Khan did not bat 0
Imran did not bat 0
Rizwan did not bat 0
Gayan did not bat 0
Extras ( 7w  ) 7
TOTAL (for 2 wkts) 17
MCCC Bowling
  O M R W
J Turner 3 1 12 0
J Bulpitt 2 1 4 2
R Brown 0 0 0 0
J Harris 1 0 1 0
1 2
11 13

Match abandoned

Team Manager: David Shaw
Umpires: T Gray K Sill
Scorers: D Fisher

Match Report

For the final match of the season Conference welcomed  Qatar International, who came to experience English conditions, and this they certainly did.

In sunny conditions Conference won the toss and batted first in the 45 over match. After losing an early wicket, Jones (Penkridge) and Quami (Halesowen) consolidated the score and put on 79 before Jones left for 33. Quami was dismissed shortly afterwards for a well played 52. A little flurry of wickets could have put the home side in trouble but as so often Atiq Chishti (Penkridge) came to the rescue with 48 in fifty two balls and this was followed by some spectacular hitting by Harry Flowers (Milford Hall) who made 51 in just 29 balls and Jamie Turner (Himley) with 41 in 22  balls, giving Conference a score of  259 in 44.3 overs .

Unfortunately conditions were getting worse by the minute and Qatar went out to bat under very dark clouds. They quickly lost two wickets to the pace of Jordan Bulpitt ( Dunstall) and the umpires, rightly, stepped in and insisted on slow bowlers replacing the pace men. However after just another nine balls it was obvious a storm was brewing and the players were led off the field. This proved to be the correct decision as minutes later thunder, lightning and a rainstorm flooded the ground .

After the match our visitors were very gracious giving out gifts to umpires, the scorer, caterer and various others . Several speeches were made on both sides and all in all it was a very pleasant occasion despite the quite appalling weather.

A special word of thanks  to Penkridge CC for staging the match and their sponsor Brian Hearsey and caterer Kath . And to our scorer Dave Fisher who coped on his own and was left stranded in the scorebox when the rain came.